LSR PowerTech

A Power Solutions Company

Power needs can grow drastically when the power goes out. We provide equipment to power lights, refrigerators, freezers, TV, charge phones, etc.  Plug and play DC to Pure Sine Wave AC when and where you need it.

Designed for both remote and in-house power applications. LSR equipment are lasting, strong and reliable. LSR Inverters are available with or without batteries, from 300watt to 10,000watt, 12/18/24/48Volt pure sine wave AC. 

You probably already own for your wireless power tool batteries. Most major brand name power tool batteries work with LSR PowerTech Inverters.   Dewalt, Milwaukee, Mikita, Bosch, Black and Decker and more… 

We offer superior Lithium battery options, 1.5v/3.7v, 20Ah to 400Ah, all batteries are stackable for even greater power.

Our power supplies and batteries come with optimal charging capabilities, either AC or Solar, so you can always have power available.

Complete plug and play power supplies, Lithium batteries, inverters, chargers, controllers, USB’s plus an emergency light. Keep fully charged with grid power and/or connect optional solar at anytime.

100% off grid option available, continuous power for essentials with no fossil fuels required. There can be times even in the US that power is interrupted, sometimes just hours but for some locations it can be days, weeks or longer. Imagine the spoiling of costly food in the refrigerator or freezer without a backup power source. Don’t be left in the dark, Get an LSR PowerTech system for your home or office today.

No need to lug a heavy battery around, connect bare wires, run extension cords or buy gas. If you have an emergency power need, you will have a clean reliable source of energy.

Our smallest 300watt Special Mode inverter is just 3 pounds plus battery. Great to take camping, especially remote camping. Turn a lamp on, charge cell phones, recharge a second battery by solar. Use one battery while you are charging the other. Low battery alarm will indicate when to exchange for a fresh battery. No bare wires to disconnect or connect.

In the US, most people take electrical power for granted, we simply flip the switch. It’s only during calamity that people will say “I should have prepared.”

We make it simple and affordable to be prepared. See Shop Page for details


What does LSR PowerTech specialize in?

We offer independent power solutions for home and office applications, 20 to 1000Ah systems.

What is an ideal system for my property?

Access your needs first, what you want to accomplish; emergency power for critical appliances ($) or whole house energy backup power supply ($$$)? 

Which item is the best to start off with?

Start with one LSR Power Supply System (PS). It is self contained, has everything built in, including a 40Ah Lithium battery, 1000watt Pure Sine Wave inverter, AC and Solar charging capabilities, two plugin sockets, USB’s and a powerful built in emergency light.  A single PS can be expanded from 40Ah to 400Ah, as your needs grow, the system can be easily expanded.

What can I power with one LSR Power Supply (PS)?

Many things in a typical home except a furnace, air conditioner or electric stove. One power supply system is primarily for emergency power needs, keep a refrigerator/freezer running, turning on lamps, power sump pump, charging phones, making coffee, etc.

How do I fully charge a Power Supply System(PS)?

You can simply leave plugged into wall socket. It has a built-in charge controller that will keep your system 100% at the ready, fully charged.

We suggest at some point to invest in one or two solar panels; the Power Supply has a built-in solar connection. If grid power goes down for an extended period, just connect solar for a permanent power solution.

I own a multi level property, do I need a Power Supply (PS) on each level?

No, the better option is to add our Inverter Battery Combo (IBC), either 300 or 600watt depending on your needs. The end result is one Power Supply and as many satellite IBC’s as needed. The Power Supply (PS) can charge Inverter Battery Combo (IBC’s) as needed.

Why not just buy a generator?Some can, many cannot, and this is not an inexpensive choice. Think about if everyone was running gas powered generators for extended periods. There is a better way to be prepared for future calamities.