Inverter Battery Combo (IBC’s)



Three different size Inverter Battery Combo’s (IBC’s) to choose from, 300, 600 and 1000Watt.

Need a satellite power source, IBC’s are great. Can keep fully charged from grid power or from one of our Power Supply (PS) systems that’s kept fully charged by grid or solar power. All systems are expandable depending on power needs, can have different size IBC units as needed.

Let’s say you have multiple floors or multiple locations and you would want a source of backup power. Your could run extension cords all over or simply take an IBC to the location and plug in the appliance (sump pump in basement, tool in garage, freezer in basement, TV in upstairs bedroom, etc).

If this sounds confusing, no worries, we make it simple. Any appliance you wish to plug in, on the back or on bottom will have watts used. If something uses 100watts, a 300 watt IBC is perfect. If something uses 600watts, a 1000Watts IBC is perfect. Need larger; we custom design even larger IBC’s (2000-10,000Watt).

Our main focus is making things that last, are strong and reliable; LSR

Shipping included US and Canada Mainland



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